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Scientifically formulated flake food for saltwater aquarium fish
Provides the perfect amount of protein for healthy fish growth
Advanced Nutrition Marine Flakes contain immune-boosting Vitamin C

Maintain marine fish nutrition without compromising aquarium water quality. Easy-to-offer flakes offer the perfect amount of protein required for healthy muscle growth and good health. Marine Fish Food is a fish food designed to provide the ideal balance of the essential amino acids your marine aquarium fish require without over-supplementing protein. Optimizes protein utilization in saltwater fish to reduce excess fish waste that can pollute the aquarium environment.

Cleaner Water
Fish cannot utilize more amino acids than they require. Marine Fishflake is formulated to maximize protein utilization and reduce fish waste. Reducing fish waste maintains a healthy environment for your fish.
Art.-No.: FF-1021

Our Freshwater flake is an excellent food for all species of freshwater fish in community tanks and is a complete food which meets all the nutritional needs. It has high quality protein and lipids making it ideal for all the freshwater fish. Feed 2-3 times daily.

Content Analysis: Crude Protein 45%, Fat 6%, Fiber 4% and Moisture 7% Artemac
Art.-No.: FF-1022

Brine Shrimp Flake food for marine and freshwater fish is extraordinarily popular among breeders for many reasons.

Unlike many of our competitors that advertise a "brine shrimp" flake, our inclusion rate of brine shrimp is based on a more meaningful "dry weight" basis, not the weight of a frozen block of brine shrimp that is, on average, 85% water. Our Brine Shrimp Flake food includes a generous amount of brine shrimp!

We use de-shelled artemia (your fish don’t need difficult-to-digest shells) to create a diet with complex proteins and important enzymes that are found in your fish’s natural diet and that aid in digestion.

To this, we add a high HUFA concentrate in order to provide your fish with an excellent source of essential fatty acids. A 2% inclusion rate of spirulina compliments an already great amalgamation of natural sources of carotenoids and other pigments that maintain vibrant colors in your fish. And spirulina is a putative immuno-stimulant that will increase disease resistance in captive fish.

A proprietary attractant used in our Brine Shrimp Flake ignites an immediate feeding response in most fish.

What’s more, our Brine Shrimp Flakes are used in commercial hatcheries by professional breeders, making it an excellent choice for both carnivorous and omnivorous fish.
Art.-No.: FF-1023

Our Tropical Fish Flake is designed for all tropical fish. It contains extra Vitamin C and 45% protein of the type fish needs the most. This fish food is manufactured here by a partner company that has been producing premium flake fish food for over 35 years.


Min. Crude Protein -- 45%
Min. Crude Fat -- 4.1%
Min. Crude Fibre -- 4.2%
Max. Moisture -- 8.2%
Art.-No.: FF-1024

Spirulina Flakes are not only an excellent natural color enhancer, but the algae, Spirulina, also stimulates your fish’s immune system to attack gram-negative bacteria. Gram-negative bacteria are known to cause a variety of diseases in fish. By using Spirulina Flakes, your fish are healthier, heartier and more vibrant. This diet is appropriate for all freshwater and marine species. (This is especially important for marine fishes which tend to be more delicate and disease prone.)
Art.-No.: FF-1025

Three Colour Coded Medicated Flake Food

Doesn’t it always seem that when disease strikes in your tank, you find yourself unprepared? We think it’s a great idea to have a constant supply of medicated foods on hand to address these issues before they develop into big problems. Keep them in your freezer to maintain the medication’s effectiveness over a longer time frame
Treatment schedule:

Antibiotic Flake - Feed exclusively for 7-10 days. Feed only what they will eat in 2 minutes - twice each day. Immediately remove all medicated flake that is uneaten. Active ingredient: Kanamycin

De-worming Flake - One feeding every other day for 5 total feedings. Feed the fish only once each day of the treatment at the end of the day. They should be kept hungry, so they will eat vigorously. Remove any uneaten medicated flake food after 3 minutes. Active ingredient: fenbendazole

Anti-Protozoan Flake - For treatment of protozoans like Hexamita and Spironucleus. It is best when combined with a heat treatment. Feed no more of this medicated flake food than the fish will eat in 2 minutes, twice/day for six consecutive days. Feed no other food during this time. Active ingredient: metronidazole

Keep a supply of medicated flakes in your fridge or freezer for those times when disease unexpectedly arises. Better safe than sorry!

Properly treating diseased fish is one of the most difficult things a hobbyist can do. Most bacteria and internal parasites are best treated from inside the fish. Freshwater fish do not drink. They take in water through osmosis, which does not allow medication to enter. Therefore, putting the medication in the water has little effect, unless you’re treating for an external parasite or a body fungus.

The best route for a hobbyist to take, is to use a medicated food. This gets the medication inside the fish, where it can do it’s work. We have developed a treatment system that will enable hobbyist to become much more successful at treating their fish.

First, all our medicated fish flakes are made from our Vitamin Flake formula. During this time of stress, it’s important to feed a food that will give the fish the greatest chance of fighting the disease. The extra vitamins will give the fish a boost while trying to fend off the disease. It is a good idea to get the fish accustomed to our flakes if you haven’t been feeding them, before offering the medicated flake. The medication doesn’t taste the best and many fish will ignore it, unless they are very accustomed to the base flake. We recommend you get the fish eating the Vitamin Flake very well, before attempting to feed the medicated flake. Making it a part of their diet for a couple feedings each week, will give you the best chance of getting your fish to eat the medicated flake vigorously.
Art.-No.: FF-1026

Garlic has wonderful antimicrobial and antiviral capabilities to help your fish become parasite free and maintain health. It aids in reducing Ich breakouts which can be especially bad in marine reef systems since fish cannot be treated with chemicals due to corals in the tank. Garlic also has extreme attractants, enticing your fish to eat and keep healthy! Also good for shrimp.
Art.-No.: FF-1027

Natural color enhancing flake food for tropical aquarium fish
Supplement staple diet to bring out vibrant fish coloration
Fortified with Vitamin C and other vitamins and nutrients

Many tropical fish have bright, natural colors which tend to fade in an aquarium environment. To bring out these colors, TetraColor Flakes contain natural color enhancers in addition to a healthy, balanced diet.
Art.-No.: FF-1028

FISH FOOD » Flake Fishfood   8 Article(s)